Class Packages

(Single class $23)

5 Class Package $110

(expires in 2 month once activated)
10 Class Package $200

(expires in 2 months once activated)
20 Class Package $400

(expires in 6 months once activated)

Terms & Conditions (Must Read)

  1. Workshops are not included in class packages.

  2. All sales are final and non-transferable.

  3. No extensions will be given. Roll-Over and Package Suspension are available upon request.

  4. The expiration date is when you can no longer use the package.

  5. All packages must be activated within one year of purchase (unless specified otherwise).

  6. Receipt or invoice an be issued upon request

If your package expired with unused classes, you can purchase another package within a month to have the unused classes rolled over to your new package. You can roll over up to 2 classes from an expired 5 class package and 4 classes from an expired 10 class package. Email to inquire or request.

Package Suspension:

If an injury or any unexpected life changes occur, we can suspend your package for a $15 fee. The remaining classes and time on the package will be frozen until you decide to activate the package again. The package can remain deactivated for up to one year. Each package can be deactivated only once. Email to inquire or request.

Package Purchase

Fill out this form and make your payment separately. Once we receive your payment, we will manually update your account and you will receive an email confirmation. Download Fit by Wix to manage your account and book classes easily! Please note that you cannot purchase class packages on the app.


Once we receive your payment, you will get an email confirmation. Thank you for your purchase!